Screen Replacement for New, Refurnished and Existing Phones

From as low as $59 per year.

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Tu vas laisser tomber ton téléphone

You're Gonna Drop Your Phone

Lorsque vous le faites, Bounce couvre les frais de remplacement de votre écran. Pas de frais cachés. Pas de soucis.

  • 2 remplacements d'écran / an

  • Zero Déductible

  • Réparez-le n'importe où

  • Réclamations payées dans les 24 heures

Comment ça fonctionne

Étape 1

L'écran de votre téléphone se brise.

Étape 2

Faites-le réparer dans n'importe quel atelier de réparation.

Étape 3

Téléchargez votre reçu sur votre compte Bounce.

Étape 4

Soyez remboursé dans les 24 heures.

Comment ça fonctionne

Ce que les gens disent

Questions fréquemment posées

Bounce is almost too good to be true! Here are some helpful answers to pressing questions.

1. How does Bounce work?

It’s easy: Sign up at If you break your phone's screen, take it to any shop. Upload your repair receipt under “File a Claim” section in your Account. We'll reimburse you within 24 hours. That's it!

2. What’s covered?

Bounce covers up to two (2) screen replacements for your phone during the coverage period. The maximum amount covered per replacement varies by plan. Prime coverage is up to $150, Premium coverage is up to $250 and the Elite covers up to $500.

3. Where can I get my phone repaired?

Any licensed repair shop across the globe! Who knows when and where your next break will happen? You can find out more about why we have a fix it anywhere policy here.

4. What if my phone's screen is already broken? Can Bounce fix it?

Sorry, your phone can't already be broken when you sign up.

5. Why is the price so low, seems too good to be true?

There are two ways how we keep the price of our plan so low. Bounce covers the cost of fix for phone screen only. By removing a lot of standard “fluff” / mobile plan options you typically pay for but never use, we are able to keep the price low. We sell directly to you online, removing the middleman and mark-ups along the way. Since you're just dealing with us, not only can we ensure that the service you're getting is A+, we can also minimize the cost!
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